ecospace is being developed by a small team, led by Felix Lorenz and Samim Winiger.

Samim Winiger is a designer, engineer and storyteller – operating at the intersection of Flora-Fauna-Human-Computer-Interaction, Open-Source, Creativity & Comedy. In recent years he worked at Google on interactive machine learning systems (tvc), at Wavepaths on adaptive mental-health spaces, co-founded generative-design companies (creative.ai, AE), game studios (2Beats) and maintained open-source science initiatives (Gitxiv). Samim lives with his family in Berlin and enjoys practicing Music, Qi-Gong and Gardening. E-mailsamim.io@samim

Felix Lorenz is a researcher, tinkerer and dancer. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Berlin, where he works on distributed IT systems for critical infrastructures and federated protocols. Previously, Felix developed concepts in AI safety (Fraunhofer FOKUS) and investigated geyser dynamics (Jugend Forscht). He likes to spend his time reading, fixing and re-purposing stuff, and biking. Currently, he conducts a series of independent experiments on the intersection between guerrilla gardening and neighborhood cohesion. E-mail@farad0x