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Samim Winiger is a designer, engineer and storyteller – operating at the intersection of Flora-Fauna-Human-Computer-Interaction, reGenerative Culture, Open-Source, Mindfulness, Creativity and Comedy. In recent years he worked at Google Research on Machine Learning and HCI issues – was managing director of generative design studio AE, working for global clients – co-founded, a venture-backed company building creativity augmentation tools – initiated GitXiv, an open-source science platform – and co-founded 2Beats, a game studio. Samim lives with his family in nature and enjoys practicing Music, Qigong and Gardening.

Felix Lorenz is a researcher, tinkerer and dancer. He worked at Technische Universität Berlin on data analysis for critical infrastructure monitoring and fault tolerance in distributed sensing. Previously, he developed methods for runtime verification of collaborating embedded systems at Fraunhofer institute. Felix loves to explore emerging practices in urban ecology, particularly composting and growing medicinal mushrooms. When he is not engaged in one of his many projects, he can be found fixing and repurposing everyday objects and hiking through the local woods. E-mail, @farad0x